Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF). We are delighted to have you join the team. Your support will help change the lives of sick and injured children.  

When you register your fundraiser and accept the terms and conditions below, we will issue you with an official authorisation to fundraise on behalf of SCHF (which will expire on one month after your event). You will then be authorised to organise a fundraising activity on behalf of SCHF and communicate to the public that proceeds from your activity will be donated to us.

To help make sure that you are fundraising legally, please read and follow the conditions below, as well as follow the NSW Department of Fair Trading Conditions for Charitable Fundraising Authorities.

In fundraising for SCHF, you are agreeing to:

  • Gain approval and sign off for any correspondence, advertising, publicity or literature for the event, copy or design that mentions Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick or Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, before progressing to print, broadcast, or production. 
  • Direct all media enquiries to your contact at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.
  • Not use the name or logo of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation in a way which could damage our reputation.
  • Send all funds you raise to SCHF in a timely manner so we can start putting them to good use. You can send these in the form of a cheque or cash, or you can deposit directly into our account.  This needs to be accompanied by all the relevant paperwork relating to your fundraising.
  • Make cheques payable to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation and send to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, Locked Bag 9002, Westmead NSW 2145 or direct deposit to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation BSB: 062 230, Account number: 1133 1137, using your authority number as the reference.
  • Minimise expenses, to make sure as much money as possible can be used to help sick and injured children. By law, you must not exceed expenses of 50% of gross income from the activity and you should aim to fall well within this limit.
  • Not use any funds from auctions, raffles or donations to offset the costs of the event. You may use funds from ticket sales and sponsorship agreements to cover costs.  
  • Please note: any donations to your fundraising over $2 are tax deductible. Auction items, sponsorship, tickets to events, raffle tickets or any instances where the donor receives something in return are NOT tax deductible and a receipt will not be issued
  • Understand that SCHF will not pay invoices relating to expenses resulting from your activity, but our team is happy to discuss and advise you of the management of such expenses.
  • Be responsible for obtaining public liability insurance for your event. SCHF does not carry liability insurance on behalf of our fundraisers.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation has always and will always respect the privacy of all individuals, companies and community organisations who donate money, goods and/or time to us in support of Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Personal information gathered through donations or purchases at an event is entered into a secured database for receipting purposes. Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation will collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.